6/8 Inch Steel Wire Wheel Multi-Function Steel Wire Rust Removal Weeding Plate Mower Head Blade


  • Product type: Drill Brushes


Material : Aluminium-copper Alloy

1、The wire brush is mainly used for deburring, dust removal, oxide layer removal, polishing and polishing accessories, and can improve the coating quality of metal stone. 2、The internal fixed plate structure ensures consistency and safety. 3、Provides smooth performance and flexibility with kink lines. 4、They put the brush on the finisher and started repairing as usual. 5、Made of high-quality steel wire, it is durable and has a long service life.

Parameters: 1.Weight: about 600-1150g 2.Material: steel wire 3.Features: no rust, durable, long service life. It consists of an internal fixed plate. The performance, safety and quality of this wire wheel are 100% tested. 4.Size: 6 INCH,8 INCH 5.Color: silver

Product type: Drill Brushes